Chocolate cake for celiacs but not only for them

A soft heart covered with a delicate pastry shell, the intense flavor of dark chocolate, cocoa, these are the characteristics of the chocolate cake for coeliacs. A sweet simple and quick to prepare, this greedyst chocolate cake will make your after meal and your friends celiacs.

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ricetta immagine


200 g dark chocolate 70%
200 g butter
80 g icing sugar (powdered or granulated sugar with a blender)
4 eggs
1 packet of baking powder
Unsweetened cocoa powder

These ingredients are able to feed:  10persons


Melt the dark chocolate in a water bath, then slowly add the butter (cut into small pieces). Once it is melted and well mixed with the chocolate remove from heat and add the powdered sugar, mix well and then incorporate one at a time the egg yolks, mixing well the eggs to the mixture every time you add an egg yolk.
 In a separate bowl whisk the whites of the eggs and then add to the mixture gradually time. Mix well with circular movements from the bottom upwards. Add the baking powder and stir gently. Pour into a cake pan with a diameter of 24 cm previously buttered. Bake for 25-30 minutes in a preheated oven at 180-190° C.
The cake is cooked when you insert a piece of spaghetti and this will come out slightly damp. Serve it once cooled, sprinkled with cocoa powder and with a bit of whipped cream or a spoonful of English cream.

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