Parmigiana of thistles

Parmigiana with thistles combines the flavor in compliance with the seasonal nature. Thistles boiled and then baked in the oven, stacked in layers of Parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta. Parmigiana with thistles will color your winter table with a touch of summer. Will appeal to everyone from grandparents to grandchildren!

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400 g cleaned thistles
100g white onion
400 g of peeled tomatoes
200 g of diced mozzarella
250 g of cow ricotta cheese
100 g of grated Parmesan cheese
extra virgin olive oil

These ingredients are able to feed:  6persons


Cut into pieces the thistles and remove the hard parts. Boil them in salted water (they should be easily penetrable with a fork). While the thistles are boiling prepare a simple and fragrant sauce made with tomato, thinly sliced onion, basil, pepper, a little oil and salt. Cook it so that it will be quite thick.

Drain well the thistles, take a baking sheet, it would be preferable to use a crock pot, and set up the parmigiana. On the bottom of the pot put a little of sauce so that the whole surface is covered.

So arrange a first layer of thistles, on this put cubes of mozzarella and ricotta cheese flakes, above these put the sauce and a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. Make a second layer with thistles, mozzarella, ricotta, and parmesan sauce, and so on until you use all the thistles.

Conclude with a layer of sauce, mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan cheese and a drizzle of oil around. Bake at 200 -220°C for 30-40 minutes.

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