Pasta with breadcrumbs (from Sicily)

Why throw away a piece of hard bread old now? Just scratch it, toast it on the dough and sprinkle garlic, olive oil and anchovies. This is the pasta with the bread, a recipe created by the genius of the Sicilians. Pasta with breadcrumbs fast enough to do what has been quick to eat it .... delicious!

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ricetta immagine


400 g of spaghetti
4 cloves of garlic
5 anchovy fillets in salt
200 g of breadcrumbs from bread durum wheat flour (you can do it yourself by grating a surplus of durum wheat bread dried)
5-6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

These ingredients are able to feed:  4persons


Saute the oil in a large pan with the garlic and add the anchovies.
In a second large frying pan toast the breadcrumbs, turning them over continuously with a wooden spoon (to avoid burning the bread ... it does easily), if you want a softer crumb toast the bread crumbs with the addition of a tablespoon of olive oil . As soon as it acquires a brown color the roasting is complete and then put the bread crumbs in a bowl and set it aside. Cook the spaghetti in salted water and drain when al dente, then put them in the oil with anchovies and serve with a generous sprinkling of toasted breadcrumbs.

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