Patty-cake with apples and prunes

The softness of a compote of apples and prunes hidden in a chest of crumbliness. Try it!!!

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ricetta immagine


Shortcrust pastry

300 g of flour
180 g of butter
120 g of sugar
1 egg
peel of half lemon

For the filling:
350 g of apples
250 g prunes
white dry wine
2 spoons of sugar

1 egg for the "brushing"

These ingredients are able to feed:  10persons


Peel the apples and cut them in cubes of about 1 cm, cut the prunes too in pieces and put all in a casserole with the wine and 2 spoons of sugar. Let them cook for about 15 minutes until the wine will be totally absorbed forming in the end a syrup.

Prepare the Shortcrust pastry arranging the flour like a "fountain", in the center put the softened butter, the sugar, the eggs, the vanillin, the peel of lemon and a bit of salt, mix them until you get a smooth and homogeneous dough. Let it rest for half an hour folded in plastic wrap (small advice to avoid the dough gets dried).   

Roll out the shortcrust pastry with a thickness of about 3-4 mm and use the little moulds to make the patties.
Fill the patties with the mixture of apples and prunes on the moulds and close them with the left pastry, riddle small holes the surface, spread the beaten egg and bake them at 170°C per 25-30 minutes.  
Serve the patties with whipped cream.

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