Spaccaregli of Sezze

Italian Sweet of the tradition of Sezze, originally prepared for Easter, but always available today.

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ricetta immagine


3 eggs
400 g sugar
400 g lard
120 ml milk
2 packets of baking powder
grated lemon peel
800-1000 g flour

These ingredients are able to feed:  20persons


This is a very simple recipe. Place the flour as a fontain, add sugar and lard, then put the eggs and milk  and knead. Once you have the dough divide it into several parts. The spaccaregli generally have a diameter of 20 cm, but you can decide the size. Once you have the pagnottelle with a knife make an incision in the shape of X on each one, sprinkle with beaten egg and then with caster sugar, then bake at 180-200 C for about 30-40 minutes.

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