Tagliolini with liquorice with mullet roe and lemon

First dish made with high quality ingredients: liquorice, fish roe and lemon. Sophisticated but very simple at the same time.

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ricetta immagine


500 g tagliolini with liquorice
30 g bottarga (mullet roe)
peel of 4 lemons
100 ml olive oil

These ingredients are able to feed:  5persons


If you start from a previously prepared dough, the recipe for tagliolini with liquorice is very simple. Cook the tagliolini in boiling salted water, be careful because it is a kind of pasta that could overcook very easily.

When it is "al dente", drain and season it with olive oil, bottarga and lemon peel. It is a delicate dish, if you want to feel more decisive the licorice flavor you can add a bit in powder. Serve with additional bottarga and grated lemon peel.

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