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300 g peas
300 g broad beans
6 artichokes
1 fresh onion
2 stalks of chard
5 leaves of lettuce
extra virgin olive oil
4 eggs
1 loaf of stale bread of Sezze
Parmesan or Pecorino

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Bazzoffia soup

Traditional spring soup with stale bread of Sezze and seasonal vegetables, a rural dish.

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These ingredients are able to feed: 10persons Bazzoffia soup


Prepare the vegetables. Clean the artichokes, cut the stem leaving just a few cm attached to the flower, remove the outer leaves, cut the apical part of the artichoke and refine the basal part, making sure that it remains only the inner core of the stem left. Cut the artichokes into slices or strips.We also use the stem of the artichoke that has been cut, leaving only the central cylinder. This may be done with a small incision with the knife to one of the two ends and then pull the outer part. Clean the lettuce and chard and cut into large strips. Finally, take one or two fresh onions and cut them.
Place in a large pot a bit of extra virgin olive oil, onion, peas and broad beans, then add the artichokes and below the lettuce and chard. Then add the water and salt. Cook over low heat for about an hour and thirty minutes.
When all the vegetables are cooked, add the eggs and cook over, it will be a kind of poached egg cooked in the soup. In a salad bowl, or if you prefer directly into a serving dish lying a bit of stale bread cut into thin slices, pour the soup over and sprinkle with parmesan or pecorino.

I tell you this recipe

The bazzoffia is a traditional peasant dish of Sezze and Priverno, two small towns of Lepines Mountains. The recipe has been handed down from generation to generation, and each family has its own variant, it is a poor dish born with the logic of the recovery and to avoid waste.
Thus, as with other typical soups of Sezze the fundamental element is that the soaking in the soup that makes the bread to soften, it was a way to consume it, but the genius of the housewives has made these dishes real masterpieces of taste.

The bazzoffia, whose name recalls a certain heterogeneity in the ingredients, it is made with seasonal vegetables in the period of April-May during which you can find the latest artichokes, the first broad beans and peas "novelli", as well as lettuce and chard. Sometimes we add the snails that today we tend to replace with the "guanciale" (a kind of italian bacon). It is also customary to add at the end eggs to be poached in the broth of the soup.
Today in reality with the availability throughout the year of the ingredients you can make it every day. The secret of the success of the bazzoffia is the long but gentle cooking that leaves intact legumes and vegetables.

In Sezze this soup is considered to be the soup of love, there is in fact a belief that this dish has aphrodisiac powers especially for husbands who once were entire days cultivating the land. It seems that the consumption of this soup make men to forget the hard work of the day and was able to restore their power.

Bazzoffia soup

the nutritional

For each portion:
Energy: 520,81 Kcal
Energy from proteins: 20%
Energy from fats: 28%
Energy from carbohydrates: 51%
Dietary total fibre: 8,42 g
Alcohol: 0,00 g
Total proteins: 26,66 g
Animal proteins: 13,40 g
Vegetable proteins: 13,26 g
Total fats: 16,23 g
Animal fats: 10,78 g
Vegetable fats: 5,45 g
Cholesterol: 127,47 mg
Available carbohydrates: 71,47 g
Starch: 67,88 g
Soluble carbohydrates: 3,59 g


words to remember

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