Lamb braised in Barolo wine and prunes

Tasty dish of braised meat whose slow cooking enhances the flavors

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ricetta immagine


1.5 kg of belly rolled lamb
500 ml red wine Barolo
2 bay leaves
1 sprig of rosemary
50 ml extra virgin olive oil
100 g carrots
100 g onion
100 g celery
1 clove of garlic
a pinch of cinnamon
8 prunes

These ingredients are able to feed:  8persons


Prepare a mix consisting of celery, carrots and onion (peeled and cut vegetables into cubes of about 1 cm). Place the lamb in a bowl with Barolo, add the mix, bay, garlic, rosemary, pepper, cinnamon and leave everything to marinate for about 12h.
Take the marinated meat and drain well, place in a saucepan with olive oil, fry it well on both sides of the meat until a nice crust will be formed on the entire surface of the meat. Then add the vegetables, drain the liquid from the marinade and let simmer for 10-15 minutes.

At this point add the liquid from the marinade, season with salt and pepper to taste and cook over very low heat for a couple of hours. Halfway through cooking, add the plums macerated in Barolo for a few hours.
When the meat is cooked (1 hour and a half should be enough, but it depends on the size of the piece of meat), remove it from the pot, let it cool and cut into slices with the thickness you wish. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce for the meat, puree the cooking liquid to obtain a creamy sauce.
Arrange the slices of braised beef in a dish with the sauce and sprinkle the plum sauce on.
Usually  the "brasato al Barolo" (braised in Barolo wine) is served with mashed potatoes, our presentation of this dish is with "duchess potatoes".

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