Chickpea balls

Fried chickpea balls. A puree of chickpeas, simple and tasty, a soft heart enhanced by the crispness of the frying ... these are the virtues of chickpea balls.

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ricetta immagine


300 g dried chickpeas
1 egg
fresh parsley
3-4 of sage leaves
half an onion, about 80 g
Extra virgin olive oil

These ingredients are able to feed:  8-10persons


Soak the dried chickpeas in cold water for at least 8 hours. Drain and boil them in water with a tablespoon of olive oil and sage leaves, when the water boils calc 40 minutes. Drain them well, remove the sage leaves and add the onion slices and previously fried in oil. Blend all the ingredients very well, until you have a puree. To this puree add the lightly beaten egg with the chopped parsley, season with salt and pepper.
Heat the oil in a frying pan and when very hot, take a spoonful of mashed chickpeas, into a ball (the dough is quite soft, so you have to be delicate) and fry when browned evenly remove it and lay it on paper towels to remove excess oil. Continue using all the puree. Serve them warm!!

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