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1 L water
400 g butter or margarine pastry
600 g flour
18-20 eggs
NB the water can be replaced completely or half from milk

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Choux Pastry

Puffy, light and crumbly pastry.

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These ingredients are able to feed: -persons Choux Pastry


Put in a casserole the water, salt and butter and bring to a boil, then pour the flour all at once and mix well with a whisk initially, then when the mixture becomes firmer keep stirring with a spoon, until dough detaches from the vessel.

Remove from heat and let it cool (at least 15 minutes), when the mixture is cold, add 2 eggs at a time until the mixture is homogeneous and soft, should be roughly the consistency of custard, if you start from smaller quantities of ingredients add 1 egg at a time, before adding other eggs the dough should have incorporated well the previous ones. The number of eggs to be incorporated depends on the achievement of the correct consistency.

Place the dough in pastry bag and make your desired shape and size of the cream puffs in a baking sheet lined with parchment paper with your index finger wet, lowering the tips of cream puffs. Bake at 200° C for about 20-30 minutes, the time for it to acquire a golden brown.
We recommend that you leave open the the oven in the last 5-10 minutes of cooking to dry the cream puffs.
It is important that the products are swollen, dry and empty inside. In this regard, if you have performed a global incorporation of eggs with this equipment, it will allow you to incorporate numerous air bubbles and will inflate better your cream puffs.

I tell you this recipe

The origin of the choux pastry dates back to the Renaissance out by an Italian pastry chef at the court of Florence, when Catherine de’ Medici married Henry II of Orleans (the future King of France) took with her his recipes and many of his cooks, among them was Popelini that in 1540 invented the dough for cream puffs. In reality, the true authorship of this recipe would be for the head pastry chef Medici Penterelli, Popelini (his successor) had the merit of perfecting it.

This pastry was a tremendous success in France, took the name of choux pastry from the beginning of the nineteenth century when its production developed and its use in the pastry shops spread with preparation of profiteroles, croque-en-bouche, and éclairs thanks to Jean Avice and especially Marie-Antoine Carême.
The name of this dough comes from the shape of the cream puffs, choux in French. It seems that initially was called “pâte à chaud” or hot paste, in fact this is a dough that cooks twice, before and after the addition of eggs, then it may be that the origin of the first name comes from the fact that the eggs were added to a mixture already cooked (perhaps still warm).

Only after this was called pâte choux for the typical form of cream puffs.
This dough is widely used in the preparation of cream puffs pastry stuffed profiteroles, Saint-Honoré cake, éclairs (cream puffs elongated), croque-en-bouche, donuts, but it is also used in starters for cream puffs fried or baked savory choux, besides choux pastry constitutes also the dough of Parisian gnocchi (dumplings).

Choux Pastry

the nutritional

Surely the choux pastry is one of the most dietary supplements, the high-fat butter and the large number of eggs are certainly not the ideal characteristics for daily meals. We should not certainly moved away from the pleasure of eating it. In fact, the doses of the ingredients listed below can allow us to prepare a large amount of cream puffs of average size.

Each cream puffs, when done well, weigh very little. They are light as leaves and therefore the amount of choux pastry that we eat is really negligible ... We must pay attention to the filling of cream puffs, which can vary from the lighter ones made with ricotta cheese or those more challenging as custard or whipped cream.
However, if we eat only one or two cream puffs (well stuffed...c'mon!) we can relax and fully enjoy the regeneration of our taste buds!


words to remember

Choux Pastry, profiteroles, croque-en-bouche

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