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500g instant couscous

for the caponata (see also here):
600 g eggplant
40 g garlic (2-3 cloves)
300 g celery
300 ripe tomatoes
200 g green olives (or black)
40 g capers
50 g raisins
100 ml of red wine vinegar
40 g sugar
100 ml extra virgin olive oil
50 g pine nuts

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Couscous with Sicilian caponata

Couscous with Sicilian caponata is a classic example of a dish of the Mediterranean diet, a summer dish that combines a food of Arab origin, couscous, with one of the Sicily's most famous traditional dishes made with the products of the land of this island.

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These ingredients are able to feed: 10persons Couscous with Sicilian caponata


Preparing this dish is very simple. First you need to prepare the caponata, we posted it a few days ago and will find the recipe at this link. Anyway here's the summary. After cutting into cubes and kept under salt the eggplant, fry them in olive oil. In a large pot brown the garlic, then add the blanched celery (reserving the cooking water), chopped tomatoes, olives, capers, pine nuts and raisins. Let cook on low heat and then When almost cooked add the fried eggplant, continue cooking for another 5 minutes, then add the vinegar and sugar, salt and pepper to your taste and let stand for a few hours the caponata.

In a bowl, pour in the couscous and wet it with water to cook the celery, properly salted boiling, let it soak in well and then add the caponata.
You can decide whether to put the couscous into the molds and then then pull out or if you serve it as a salad on a serving platter.
I recommend you to eat it at room temperature, so you can better appreciate the bittersweet taste of caponata.

I tell you this recipe

Couscous with the caponata is a typical example of the Mediterranean diet and dish evokes all the flavor of Africa and Sicily: Land of the Sun and the Sea. The couscous, of North African origin, has landed in Sicily, has conquered it; it is now a typical Sicilian, especially in the western part of the island where it is known to be prepared with the fish (click here for the recipe for couscous with fish).
In this recipe, we combined the couscous to one of the most typical dishes of Sicily, the caponata, creating a very tasty and summery dish; Moreover, being made exclusively from plant-based foods, it is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Couscous with Sicilian caponata

the nutritional

For each serving:

Energy: 389,54 kcal
Total Dietary Fiber: 5.18 g
Alcohol: 0.00 g
Water: 149.12 g
Total Protein: 9,48 g
Animal protein: 0.00 g
Vegetable protein: 9.48 g
Total lipids: 17.89 g
Lipids animals: 0,00 g
Plant lipids: 17.89 g
Cholesterol: 0.00 mg
Available carbohydrates: 50.80 g
Starch: 37.91 g
Sugars: 12.89 g


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