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1 kg squid
2 celery
2 carrots
1 large onion
70 ml extra virgin olive oil
lemon juice

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Cuttlefish salad with olive oil and lemon

Fresh salad of cuttlefish seasoned simply with olive oil and lemon

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These ingredients are able to feed: 3persons Cuttlefish salad with olive oil and lemon


Clean the cuttlefish and wash them with water. Boil them in a court-bouillon, ie, a acidulous soup made with water, celery, carrots and onion. Adjust the cooking according to the size of the cuttlefish. Generally times will vary from 20 to 40 minutes. To check the cooking time, put a toothpick in the cuttlefish. They are cooked when a toothpick enters with ease.
After cooking, let it cool and then cut them in small strips. Eventually season them with oil, salt and lemon juice and sprinkle some fresh parsley.

I tell you this recipe

It is a second very simple dish and easy to make. In smaller quantities it is also suitable as a starter.
There are many ways to prepare the cuttlefish salad. According to the toppings you prefer, you can create a multitude of variations. This proposal involves the use of simple olive oil and lemon
The lemon enhances the delicacy of the flesh of the cuttlefish, especially if they are fresh.

Cuttlefish salad with olive oil and lemon

the nutritional

Energy: 450.77 Kcal
Total Dietary Fiber: 0.00 g
Alcohol: 0.00 g
Water: 287.02 g
Total Protein: 46.70 g
Animal protein: 46.67 g
Vegetable protein: 0.03 g
Total lipids: 28.31 g
Lipids animals: 5,00 g
Plant lipids: 23.31 g
Cholesterol: 213.33 mg
Available carbohydrates: 2.57 g
Starch: 0.00 g
Sugars: 2.57 g


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