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300 gr 00 flour (you can also use a mix of: wheat flour (50/100 g) and 00 (250/200))
125 gr sugar
110 g extra virgin olive oil
120 grams of white or red wine (but it must be good!)
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
90 gr of hazelnuts (toasted or not)

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Dritti (the straights)

Delicious biscuits with hazelnut flavor. Fragrant and light they will conquer you.

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These ingredients are able to feed: 15persons Dritti (the straights)


Mix the flour with the sugar and baking powder, place these ingredients in a heap and add the oil, hazelnuts, coarsely chopped, and the winein which it was dissolved baking soda. Work quickly and then let the dough rest for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator. Then recover the dough and take out small portions and process them so as to form sticks of about 8 cm (L) x 1 cm (diameter). Before putting "i dritti" on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, roll the cookies in granulated sugar.

Bake at 160° C (gas oven) 180°  C (oven) for 20-25 min (depending on the oven and how you want them gold).

I tell you this recipe

The "i dritti" are essentially based on the ancient recipe of wine donuts, sweets typical of central Italy prepared with simple ingredients that reproduce , skilfully blended, the aromas and flavors of products related to tradition. The presence of hazelnuts, also, in addition to ensuring an organoleptic value, provide the precious vitamin E, even if in small quantities.

Dritti (the straights)

the nutritional

From the nutritional point of view it may be added:
Guidelines for Healthy Eating Italian, written by the National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition, recommend moderate consumption of food and soft drinks during the day but also among the sweets advise to prefer the baked goods of the Italian tradition , which contain less fat and sugar and more starch, such as cookies, cakes etc. not stuffed.
Among the bakery products normally prepared with the classic traditional pastry, the "i dritti" have four additional benefits:

1) The absence of animal fats (butter, lard) the consumption of which, according to the Guidelines for Healthy Eating Italian, is to limit and contain.
2) The presence of extra virgin olive oil, rich in many bioactive compounds with antioxidant character (Vitamin E, squalene, phenolics, oleocantale) extremely useful for the maintenance of good health
3) The presence of hazelnuts that, compared to traditional cookies, brings a little bit of fiber. It is not a lot (one gram every 5 biscuits), but remember that we should eat at least 30 grams of fiber a day and hardly reach that value: that extra ounce could bring us to the distant goal of 30
The fiber is much more important than what we think, not only serves to help the intestines, is also very important to regulate the absorption of nutrients, containing the so-called rise in blood glucose that normally follows the ingestion of carbohydrate-rich foods
4) Again the presence of hazelnuts greatly increases the intake of tocopherols (Vitamin E): Each cookie still raw contains less do 0.8 mg. Even if we consider that during the cooking process significant amounts of vitamin E are oxidized, although there remained only half, whereas the recommended intake of vitamin E for a healthy adult is around 12 (Women) 13 (men) mg / day (Source: Recommended levels of Energy and Nutrients for the Italian population. SINU / INRAN), that we can find in 3 milligram cookies may be important
Want to know another advantage?

Just watch out the quantities: like any other cookie or bakery product energy intake, although lower than that of filled cakes, is quite high. We eat them, but do not overdo it ... and then, as we always do, a healthy lifestyle, healthy and active.


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