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500 g fettuccine
150 ml extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
200 g calamari (squid)
200 g of cuttlefish
200 g clams
200 g prawns
400 g button mushrooms
200 g borlotti beans
100 ml white wine
400 g peeled tomatoes

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Fettuccine with seafood with mushrooms and beans

Home-made egg pasta with flavors of sea and land

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These ingredients are able to feed: 5persons Fettuccine with seafood with mushrooms and beans


Wash the mushrooms and cut them into slices, cook them in a little olive oil in which you did lightly fry half a clove of garlic.
In another pan put a little olive oil and let brown another clove of garlic. Then add the seafood (excluding clams), pour white wine and cook. For the clams let them open separately.
Boil the beans and when they are almost cooked drain them, fry them in a pan with a little olive oil and garlic, then add the tomatoes and cook over very low heat until the beans are tender (but still al dente).
You can mix the three sauces and use them to stir the fettuccine that in the meantime you will have already boiled in salted water.

I tell you this recipe

Beans with the fish?! Yes, to someone may seem strange but it is a successful combination! To be honest it was improvisation, I had already prepared beans (prepared as described in the recipe) and I wanted to make the fettuccine (homemade by me!) With seafood and mushrooms, but then I wanted to experiment and I added beans. Outstanding result! a sublime melange of flavors of the sea and the earth. At home, everyone liked it and from that moment everyone encourage me to publish my ideas ... so I decided to share my recipes!

Fettuccine with seafood with mushrooms and beans

the nutritional

783.70 Kcal
Total dietary fiber
9.40 g
2.02 g
353.34 g
Total Protein
37.41 g
animal protein
22.46 g
vegetable protein
14.85 g
total lipids
36.30 g
lipids animals
4.52 g
plant lipids
31.78 g
222.20 mg
available carbohydrates
78.13 g
69.64 g
8.67 g


words to remember

egg pasta, noodles, seafood, mushrooms, champignon, beans, legumes, fish

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