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600 g of mozzarella
200 g of flour
25 g of bewer's yeast
2-3 g of powdered saffron of Navelli
extra virgin olive oil

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Fried Pancake with mozzarella and Navelli saffron

Small mozzarella pancakes scented with saffron. A heart soft and sleek, covered with a crispy and flavorful crust. The pancakes with mozzarella cheese and saffron are a finger food simple and irresistible ... a pancake leads to another!

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These ingredients are able to feed: 8persons Fried Pancake with mozzarella and Navelli saffron


To prepare these pancakes with mozzarella cheese and saffron, which are a tribute to Abruzzo and its splendid Navelli saffron you first need to chop finely with a mixer or with a knife the mozzarella.
Once the mozzarella is well chopped you have to put it in a large bowl (the mixture will rise later!) and add the flour, two tablespoons of olive oil, a pinch of salt and saffron with the bewer's yeast (which previously were dissolved in a little bit of warm water. Cover and let rise at room temperature for about two hours (if it is winter and cold weather put to rise close to a heat source).
After this time the mixture has more than doubled its volume, then with a spoon make pancakes that are fried in hot oil. When you put the pancakes in frying, since they have a very light texture, order not to break it is recommended not to turn them, but brown them on one side only, so that when they are removed from the oil, they are golden brown on one side and white streamers on the opposite side ... delicious! Let them drain on paper towels, put a pinch of salt and eat them hot! They are a great appetizer!

I tell you this recipe

These pancakes are a mozzarella recipe from my friend Julia who lives in Abruzzo, to the appendices of the Majella mountain ... wonderful, extraordinary as is the rest of the Abruzzo region. She wanted to enrich these pancakes mozzarella with saffron of Navelli which takes its name from the lowland (near L'Aquila), where it is cultivated for centuries thanks to the Dominican priest Santucci, who introduced its bulbs in Abruzzo. Saffron of Navelli is a PDO food product.

Fried Pancake with mozzarella and Navelli saffron

the nutritional

A portion of mozzarella pancakes and saffron (about 3 pancakes) provides about 320 kcal ... not too much ... but it is always a fried product ... so better not to overdo it! The energy is about 19% from protein, 70% from fat and 12% from carbohydrates.


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