Fried codfish alla Milanese

Fried cod alla milanese ... morsels with a soft heart and enclosed in a crispy crust and delicately scented with butter.

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600 g of dried cod soaked
2 eggs
1 yolk
8-9 slices of bread
flour 00
juice of half a lemon

These ingredients are able to feed:  4persons


To prepare the fried cod alla milanese according to this recipe widespread in England the first thing you have to peel the soaked salt cod and cut into medium-sized slices consistent with each other (even in thickness). Once prepared, the cod and set aside, you will need to take 100 g of butter and work it with a spoon until the mixture is creamy to which must be added a pinch of salt, chopped parsley, 2 tablespoons flour, juice of lemon juice (filtered) and a yolk. Keep on working until you get a thick cream and homogeneous.
With this, butter both sides of each slice of cod, which will then be floured, passed into the beaten eggs and finally in the white bread that must have been previously blended and made into bread crumbs. After passing the slices of cod in white bread, these have to be pressed between the palms of the hands in order to make the breading stick well.
So in a large pan put plenty of butter and melt on a medium heat, when the butter is completely melted and hot put the baked cod that will be on low heat for about 10-12 minutes on each side in order to obtain the golden color and the crunchiness. Once the cooking is over, make absorb the excess butter on a paper towel and lightly salt and serve hot!

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