Frittata with spinach and ricotta rolled

A spiral of omelette stuffed with spinach and parmesan cheese blended with flavored from cottage cheese. The omelet with spinach and ricotta rolled up is a quick and tasty way to "recycle" that handful of boiled spinach left in the fridge ...

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2 eggs
200-250 g of spinach (about 100 g of boiled spinach and
60-80 g of cow's milk ricotta
grated Parmesan cheese
Extra virgin olive oil

These ingredients are able to feed:  2persons


If you want to prepare an omelette with spinach and
ricotta rolled up, the
first thing you have to wash the spinach. Once clean
ed it well, they should be
placed in a deep pan directly on the heat without wa
ter, you will cook with
the same liquid that they will release. Once boiled
they should be drained and
cool facts. When they are cold should be well draine
d and chopped. They
should therefore be put in a non-stick pan that has m
elted a knob of butter.
must be added the parmesan cheese (the amount varie
s depending on your
taste ... but it is better to be generous) and a pinc
h of salt and let cook for a
few minutes. When they are warmed, add the ricotta
and enjoy a pinch of
nutmeg, blend everything very well.
t this point, it should be cooked an omelet of two e
ggs well beaten with a
little milk and a pinch of salt in a pan of 15 cm i
n diameter. When the omelet
is ready and you will be warmed should be laid on a rec
tangle of plastic wrap.
The surface of the omelette should be covered evenl
y with the filling of
spinach and with the help of the film should be roll
ed up on itself and allowed
to stand a few minutes.
t this point, slice it and enjoy it, the omelette wit
spinach and ricotta rolled is good hot or at room te

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