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130g gorgonzola cheese (sweet or spicy)
50 g mascarpone
100 ml fresh cream
100 ml wine (your choice according to the gorgonzola)
2 g gelatin
20 g honey
40 g shelled walnuts
100 g sourdough starter

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Gorgonzola Mousse with walnuts and wine gele

Soft mousse of Gorgonzola, mascarpone and whipped cream, served with walnuts and wildflower honey and gelé of wine

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These ingredients are able to feed: 10persons Gorgonzola Mousse with walnuts and wine gele


Let's start with preparing the base on which to place the gorgonzola mousse. We will use the excess dough which always remains when I do the refreshments of sourdough. It is not simply a way to recover the sourdough but rather a way to enhance the flavor of the gorgonzola mousse. In fact, the distinctive flavor of sourdough slightly sour but overall very aromatic, it combines perfectly with the softness of the whipped cream and mascarpone and with the itching of the gorgonzola

Roll out the dough very thin of the sourdough starter, cut with a dough cutter discs of about 5 cm and cook them on both sides in a frying pan preheated.
If you do not have sourdough starter, you can use small pieces of toasted sandwich bread, or you can prepare a loaf of bread dough and follow the same procedure as of the sourdough starter.

Before you begin the real preparation of the mousse, prepare the wine jelly. Put in a saucepan 50 ml of wine you have chosen, when it will be heated to mettetere inside the gelatin softened in water and stir quickly, then add the remaining wine and pour the mixture into small bowls and refrigerate. Meanwhile, the wine becomes gel you can start to prepare the gorgonzola mousse.

Place the gorgonzola without the crust in a bowl and crush it with a fork, then mix with the mascarpone and blend with an immersion blender to obtain a very smooth cream, depending on the consistency of gorgonzola that you have chosen, decide for yourself whether to add or less a little milk.

Then add the whipped cream, stirring gently from the bottom upwards, thus obtaining a compound very fluffy and light.
Place the cream in a pastry bag and create tufts on the disks of dough cooked. Place half a walnut, or small pieces in the cream and pour over drops of wildflower honey.

Then served with red wine gelatin (to unmold gelatin hold the bowl in hot water a few seconds and then flip it onto a serving plate). The type of wine should be chosen according to the used gorgonzola, a little spicy and sweet gorgonzola cheese goes well with a white or rosé wine , while a strong gorgonzola, seasoned and very spicy goes well with a full bodied red wine.

I tell you this recipe

Gorgonzola is a typical cheese of Lombardy which has received the DOP and whose preparation is described in a specification of production.
In this recipe, we wanted to transform this in a little dairy product, creating a refined frothy cream together with walnuts and wildflower honey. In addition, the base of dough baked in a pan enhances the flavor matching the characteristic flavor of the yeast, the softness of mascarpone and cream and spiciness of the gorgonzola; all complemented by red wine, well structured and generous in aromas ...

Gorgonzola Mousse with walnuts and wine gele

the nutritional

Each serving:
Energy: 197.30 Kcal
Total Dietary Fiber: 0.52 g
Alcohol: 1.34 g
Water: 36.26 g
Total Protein: 5.86 g
Animal protein: 4.12 g
Plant protein: 1.74 g
Total lipids: 14.34 g
Lipids animals: 11.09 g
Plant lipids: 3.24 g
Cholesterol: 28.56 mg
Available carbohydrates: 9.46 g
Starch: 6.51 g
Sugars: 2.95 g


words to remember

Gorgonzola mousse, nuts, whipped cream, sourdough, sourdough redundant, gelé of wine

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