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400 g of spaghetti (or even mezze maniche)
100 g of bacon
100 g of grated pecorino cheese
Extra virgin olive oil

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One of the most typical pasta of Lazio, fast and easy to prepare offers us intense and genuine flavors. Guanciale and pecorino cheese repay us the toils of the day.

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These ingredients are able to feed: 4persons Gricia


Place in a pan a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and spread it uniformly throughout the bottom, turn on fire at low heat and brawn the "guanciale" (a sort of bacon) into cubes. Be very careful not to burn. It should be cooked slowly to allow the fat to melt.

Cook the pasta "al dente", keep aside a cup of the cooking water and drain the pasta. Pour into the pan with the "guanciale", add the preserved cooking water and stir well to finish cooking the pasta. Sprinkle the cheese and pepper in abundance.

I tell you this recipe

“Gricia” is the white version of the pasta Amatriciana, which probably represents the ancestor. It is one of my favorite pasta dishes, quick and easy it never disappoints the palate. To be absolutely superlative must be prepared with the "guanciale" (never the bacon or pancetta!) And with lots of pecorino cheese.


the nutritional

One serving provides about 580 kcal. Thanks to the cheese it is a good source of calcium. There are also vitamins B2, B12 and niacin.


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cquek Scrive: 30/10/2013

so comforting for this weather. i love pasta
Marco Fabio Dei Genovesi Scrive: 30/10/2013

Yes! The Gricia is a perfect pasta for the autumn weather! Try it! :-))))

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