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2 eggs
250 g flour 00
120 g of sugar
70 g of butter
120 g of cow's milk ricotta
80 ml of milk
a 200 g jar of sour cherries (with their syrup) and dried in the sun dipped in granulated sugar
half a bag of baking powder

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Muffin with ricotta cheese and sour cherries

Muffins, muffins , muffins ... one hundred will do it invents . These muffins are a version with ricotta cheese and sour . Soft, fragrant , sweet ... wonderful " Pucciati " in the syrup of cherries .

recipe given by our chef at .

ricetta immagine
These ingredients are able to feed: 12persons Muffin with ricotta cheese and sour cherries


We propose this version of muffins inspired by the delicious ricotta tart sour cherries and typical of Roman Jewish culinary tradition. In a bowl, mix the liquid ingredients ie eggs, milk and melted butter. In another bowl mix the flour, sugar and baking powder.
At this point, add the liquid to the dry one and mix well. Add the ricotta (previously crushed with a fork to make it less lumpy) sour cherries pitted and cut into small pieces and half of the syrup of the box. Fill two-thirds of the buttered ramekins and bake in a preheated oven at 180° C for about 15-20 minutes.
I tell you a recipe advises you to enjoy them by having a little bit of syrup of sour cherries in which immerse them .... delicious!!

I tell you this recipe

These muffins cottage cheese and sour arise after the chef to tell you a recipe ate greedily a slice of ricotta tart and sour cherries bought in Rome's Jewish ghetto ... Ghetto as it is called in the eternal city . These muffins and ricotta tart cherries are an imaginative reworking of that wonderful sweet typical Jewish cuisine and soon we will propose ...

Muffin with ricotta cheese and sour cherries

the nutritional

Each muffin cottage cheese and sour provides about 170 calories. The energy is distributed as follows: 8 % protein , 32 % fat , 60 % from carbohydrates.


words to remember

Muffin , cottage cheese, sour cherries , Jewish cuisine , sour cherry syrup

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