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For the dough:
1.5 Kg remilled semolina
750 ml water

For the sauce:
400 g tuna
1 kg pachino tomatoes
200 g corn
150 g arugula
100 ml extra virgin olive oil
600 g mozzarella
3 carrots

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Orecchiette pugliesi as pasta salad

Pasta salad made with orecchiette of Puglia and seasoned with products of primary choice

recipe given by our chef at .

ricetta immagine
These ingredients are able to feed: 20persons Orecchiette pugliesi as pasta salad


If you decide to buy ready-made orecchiette, this recipe is really simple, just cook them and then season with the above ingredients. But if you love the home-made pasta you can make yourself your orecchiette from Puglia (a very sunny region of southern Italy) following the original recipe at this link (the ones you buy at the supermarket are another thing ... unless you do not buy from somebody who makes them by hand).
Anyway, I leave you some suggestions for an optimal preparation of this pasta.

Cook the orecchiettte al dente, then drain and put them in cold water so they cool quickly and you do not cook them extra. Put the pasta in a bowl, very wide (this also makes it easy the cooling of pasta) and sprinkle with olive oil to keep the orecchiette separated.

Put in a bowl, the tomatoes into small pieces (if you wish, remove the seeds by placing the chopped tomatoes in a colander tiny and rinsing them under running water, so most of the seeds will go away), corn, tuna without conserving oil, basil and carrots previously cut very thin. Dress with oil and salt, then pour into the bowl of pasta in the meantime it has cooled. Mix well. Finally cut into cubes mozzarella and the arugula wash, then add them to pasta, complete with a little olive oil.

I tell you this recipe

Who Said That you can eat orecchiette pugliesi only with broccoli rabe ? The summer has finally arrived and for lovers of homemade pasta this recipe is ideal to have a fresh dish without sacrificing the traditional character of the rustic preparations .

Our advice is to use fresh and top quality ingredients to honor the hard work required for the preparation of orecchiette. In fact, to make them, it takes a lot of time, a lot of patience and dedication.
When you eat the homemade orecchiette pasta, any way you want to season them, always remember that behind every single orecchietta there is the meticulous work of a true artisan of the pasta.

Orecchiette pugliesi as pasta salad

the nutritional

Dish fresh and healthy, rich in minerals and vitamins , with an optimal nutrient composition , in fact carbohydrates, fats and proteins provide energy in the right ratio. Good also the ratio between saturated and unsaturated fats, due to the predominance of foods of plant origin.

Energy distribution:

Energy: 445.06 Kcal
Total dietary fiber : 3,99 g
Alcohol : 0.00 g
Water: 106.51 g
Total Protein : 21.03 g
Animal protein : 11.22 g
Vegetable protein : 9.81 g
Total lipids : 13.76 g
Lipids animals : 7.73 g
Plant lipids : 6.03 g
Cholesterol: 27.40 mg
Available carbohydrates : 63.08 g
Starch 58.44 g
Sugars: 4.61 g


words to remember

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