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500 ml of fresh whipping cream
4 tablespoons icing sugar
3 sheets of isinglass (about 6 grams)
100 g of macaroons
60 g of butter
50 g of dark chocolate

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Panna cotta with crunchy amaretti and chocolate

The delicate cream. The aroma of bitter almonds. The crunchiness of the macaroons. The bitterness of dark chocolate. All this is panna cotta with crunchy amaretti and chocolate.

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These ingredients are able to feed: 4persons Panna cotta with crunchy amaretti and chocolate


First, put the isinglass in a bowl with cold water for 10 minutes, so that it softens. Meanwhile in a saucepan, pour the cream with the icing sugar and put to heat over moderate heat, stirring the mixture. Important that it does not boil, you just need it to warm up enough to melt the isinglass later.

When the isinglass will be softened, squeeze it and add it to the warmed cream. Stir well until the glue is completely dissolved. Pour the mixture into the molds 125 ml each (those disposable of aluminum are fine) that you have previously dampened internally. Put them in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours.

While the panna cotta is thickening in the refrigerator prepare crunchy macaroons. In a bowl, put the butter softened at room temperature and crushed amaretti into small pieces, knead with your hands until the mixture is homogeneous.

At this point, spread the butter mixture and amaretto in a baking dish lined with baking paper (see the picture of the second photo), compress the mixture with your fingers until you have a thickness of about 3 mm (see picture B the second photo). Put in a preheated oven at 180° -200° C for about 6-7 minutes.

Remove from oven, allow to cool a little and then with a pasta shaper cut circles with a diameter equal to the major diameter of the mold used for the panna cotta that is in the refrigerator.
Before serving, prepare the chocolate by melting dark chocolate with a little bit of water (best to start putting a little, 1 tablespoon) and in the case add more water (but do not overdo it otherwise it will ruin the taste) in order to get a runny chocolate but still very full-bodied.
So stack up on a platter in the following order ... the hard crunchy of amaretti, panna cotta removed from the mold, melted chocolate and an almond!

I tell you this recipe

The panna cotta is a sweet widely spread throughout Italy, its origin is perhaps in Piedmont. There are sweet similar in other European countries such as Greece and Great Britain. Always appreciated had a newfound youthfulness in the 80s. Very flexible, with a mild flavor, almost neutral, panna cotta be placed beside to many other ingredients such as chocolate, berries, caramel, coffee .... Here we propose a version in which the delicacy of panna cotta contrasts the sweet taste and crunchy texture of the macaroons. All wrapped up by the pungent aroma of dark chocolate.

Panna cotta with crunchy amaretti and chocolate

the nutritional

A portion of panna cotta with crunchy chocolate macaroons and provides about 450 kcal.


words to remember

Panna cotta, panna cotta with crunchy amaretti and chocolate, chocolate, macaroons, crisp.

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