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1 kg flour
500 g butter
2 eggs
2 dl water

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Pate Brisee

Basic dough for rustic pies and much more

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These ingredients are able to feed: -persons Pate Brisee


Place the flour in a bowl and put in the center of the butter in pieces. Knead the two ingredients until the mixture is crumbled in which each grain is separated from the other. This will limit the formation of gluten when you add the water; gluten confers elasticity, this expedient instead allows the pasta to preserve its friability.
Reformed then the fountain with the crumbled mixture and place in the middle the eggs, salt and water. Knead quickly to obtain a homogeneous mixture with the technique of fraisage already illustrated in the preparation of shortcrust pastry. Let stand for about half an hour the mixture before use.

I tell you this recipe

The pate brisee is a dough of the classic French Cuisine. It has a neutral taste, but you can give it a sweet taste by adding sugar or give some specific aromas, such as adding cocoa. It is extremely friable and assumes a less intense yellow color of the pastry if it is prepared without eggs. The pastry crust is a pastry used especially in preparations of appetizers: for quiches, pies, rustic and preparations crust, rarely is used in confectionery, whereas you prefer the shortcrust pastry.

The pasta brisee is so named because the process involves a first step of manipulating the flour with the butter mixture that leads to a crumbled, broken (brisee, in French). Only subsequently, one adds the other ingredients.

Depending upon usage, the pastry crust can be prepared even without eggs (or moderating the quantity), as in the case of the dough for wriping; the care that one must always keep in mind is the ratio of flour and fat which must be 2:1 (1 kg flour 500 g of butter).
In order to give a golden color to the dough need spread the surface with beaten egg yolk before you cook it in the oven.

Pate Brisee

the nutritional

For every 50 g dough:

Energy: 186,26 kcal

Total Dietary Fiber: 0.63 g

Alcohol: 0.00 g

Water: 13.78 g

Total protein: 3.41 g

Animal protein: 0.66 g

Vegetable protein: 2.75 g

Total lipids: 10.99 g

Lipids animals: 10.82 g

Plant Lipids: 0.18g

Cholesterol: 47.95 mg

Available carbohydrates: 19.64 g

Starch: 19.08 g

Sugars: 0.56 g


words to remember

Pastry crust, pate brisee, pate brisee pastry, dough "broken", crumbly, rustic pies, quiche, prepared crust

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debora ferrari Scrive: 18/11/2013

Ciao Marco Fabio, buon inizio settimana. Volevo dirti che domenica mi sono dedicata alla preparazione delle ciambelline alle patate, io come al solito ci metto qualcosa di mio e quindi ho cambiato un pò la ricetta, comunque il risultato è stato davvero strepitoso....buonissime. Se sei d'accordo vorrei postarle sul mio blog citando anche te naturalmente:) Aspetto una tua risposta. Grazie Debora
Marco Fabio Dei Genovesi Scrive: 18/11/2013

Ciao Debora, sono davvero felice che ti siano piaciute le ciambelle di patate di Nonna Piera... sono proprio curioso di venire sul tuo blog e leggere la tua variante.... Nonna Piera e tutti noi di Ti Racconto Una Ricetta saremo felici di essere anche sul tuo blog... :-) a presto, un abbraccio, Marco Fabio
debora ferrari Scrive: 18/11/2013

Bene sono contenta, penso che nei prossimi giorni la pubblicherò. Buona giornata
debora ferrari Scrive: 21/11/2013

Ciao Marco Fabio, allora cosa ne dici della ricetta delle ciambelline alle patate dolci? A presto Debora
Marco Fabio Dei Genovesi Scrive: 21/11/2013

Ciao Debora, mandami il link, non riesco a trovarle.. così anche altri miei amici possono arrivare al tuo blog... :-) magari se metti sul tuo blog anche il nostro link a questa pagina ci scambiamo il favore così i tuoi seguaci potranno vedere anche come era la ricetta in origine... :-) grazie

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