Penne with pistachio pesto

First dish with Sicilian origins

recipe given by our chef at .

ricetta immagine


250 g pennette pasta striped
100 g shelled pistachios
50 ml extra virgin olive oil
50 g parmesan cheese
150 g pancetta
200 ml cooking cream

These ingredients are able to feed:  3persons


Take the pistachios, shell them and also remove the thin skin that surrounds them rubbing them between your hands. Chop them in the food processor; gather out a small handful leaving aside for decorate the dish later, add the oil in the food processor and parmesan continuing to chop until the mixture is homogeneous.
In a saucepan, fry the pancetta in a little oil, when pancetta is browned, turn off the heat and add the pesto and cream.
Cook the pasta al dente, drain and then pour it in the sauce, add a little of the cooking water that previously you have kept aside and let stir in.
So Serve and sprinkle with the chopped pistachios kept aside.
Ladies and Gentlemens, enjoy your meal!

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