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1 Kg pastry crust (pate brisee)
200 g bacon
250 ml milk
250 ml cream
4 eggs

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Petites (small) Quiches Lorraine

Small quiches prepared according to the Lorraine recipe

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These ingredients are able to feed: 50persons Petites (small) Quiches Lorraine


Prepare the pastry crust or pasta brisee (see the recipe of our basic preparations) and keep it in the fridge for at least half an hour.
Cut the bacon into very small cubes (in some versions, the bacon is browned, in this recipe we have used a cured bacon) and grate the Emmenthal cheese.
Prepare the so-called "apparatus", beat the eggs with the salt, add the milk and the cream and mix well, then pepper to your liking.
Lining with brisee pastry and buttered molds, enter a few cubes of bacon and a bit of the Emmenthal cheese, fill your quiche with the mixture of eggs, milk and cream.
Bake for about 20-25 minutes in a preheated oven at 190-200°C

I tell you this recipe

The Quiche Lorraine is a typical French appetizer from Lorraine (region of France). From the etymological point of view, the origin of the word quiche is German, in fact comes from kuchen or cake. It is well-known the cultural influence of Germany on this region of France.
This dish is very popular and spread throughout the world. According to the traditional recipe, the basic ingredients of Quiche Lorraine are the bacon, eggs, cream and the pastry crust or pasta brisee, no cheese should be added, if this happens we generally talk of vosgienne quiche (quiche of the Vosges). If you add onions we are talking about Alsacienne quiche.
The main feature of this preparation is the contrast in consistence between the crunchiness of the pastry crust and creamy filling, this effect would disappear if you use puff pastry instead of brisee pastry, it just would not be more than a quiche.

We present you a mini version, prepared in this way are the quiche turn out to be good and gracious to be presented!

Petites (small) Quiches Lorraine

the nutritional

Energy: 112.34 KCal
Total dietary fiber: 0.27 g
alcohol: 0.00 g
water: 19.33 g
Total Protein: 3.19 g
animal protein: 2.02 g
vegetable protein: 1.17 g
total lipids: 7.40 g
animal lipids: 7.32 g
plant lipids: 0.07 g
cholesterol: 45.26 g
available carbohydrates: 8.80 g
starch: 8.12 g
sugars: 0.68 g


words to remember

Quiche, quiche lorraine, quiche vosgienne, Alsacienne quiche, bacon, eggs, cream, creme fraiche

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