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500 g flour
200 ml milk
13 g brewer’s yeast
1 egg
20 g sugar
25 g butter
70 boiled potatoes
oil for frying

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Potato Doughnuts of my Grandma Piera

Soft Potato Doughnuts ideal for breakfast and snacks for children and adults

recipe given by our chef at .

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These ingredients are able to feed: 10persons Potato Doughnuts of my Grandma Piera


Melt the yeast in the milk just warmed a bit.
In a bowl put the flour shaped like a fountain, put in the center the sugar, egg, softened butter and the boiled potatoes and begin to knead gradually adding the milk in which you have dissolved the yeast previously. When you obtain a soft dough let it rise for about two hours.
After the rising time knead the dough sticks to get about 10-12 cm long and 1-1.5 cm thick with whom realize the donuts. When you have finished the dough, let it rise the donuts for at least 30-60 minutes, then fry the Doughnuts in boiling oil, browning them on both sides. When cooked remove them from the oil and place them on paper towels, roll them in granulated sugar immediately and serve them.

I tell you this recipe

The potato donuts are leavened cakes very tasty, now in my house they have become a habit, I prepare them very frequently. Perhaps thanks to the roundness given by the potatoes, these Doughnuts have had immediate success in my family especially with my niece that every time I prepare them she eats an industrial quantities of them.
If you want to enjoy them at their best, eat them still warm, or at least after a short time by cooking because they are very soft.
If we then also put a bit pastry cream they are amazing!

Potato Doughnuts of my Grandma Piera

the nutritional

For each portion (without considering the oil absorbed during frying):
Energy, recalculated
338.06 KCal
Total dietary fiber
1.81 g
44.88 g
Total Protein
9.04 g
animal protein
1.78 g
vegetable protein
7.06 g
total lipids
10.94 g
lipids animals
4.16 g
plant lipids
6.78 g
38.39 mg
available carbohydrates
54.21 g
49.23 g
4.99 g


words to remember

Doughnuts, potatoes, boiled flaps, homemade desserts, snacks, breakfast, pastry cream, yeast

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Debora Ferrari Scrive: 15/11/2013

Ottima ricetta, prendo nota. Ti chiedo ma se al posto delle patate normali mettessi delle patate dolci? Dici che il risultato è uguale? Ti chiedo questo perché la mia bimba le vuole assaggiare. Grazie mille. A presto Debora
Marco Fabio Dei Genovesi Scrive: 15/11/2013

Ciao Debora, proprio ieri stavo pensando di sostituire le normali patate con quelle americane (quelle dolci) in questo periodo ne ho tante... Io non ho mai provato, ma secondo me potrebbero venire bene... bisognerebbe fare dei tentativi e sperimentare le quantità.. io iniziamente metterei entrambi i tipi di patata... se decidi di provare la ricetta facci sapere come sono venute... magari puoi anche pubblicare la tua ricetta sul nostro sito... lo sai che c'è questa possibilità??? Un abbraccio, a presto, Marco Fabio
Debora Ferrari Scrive: 15/11/2013

Grazie per il consiglio, comunque le proverò a fare e poi ti dirò. Bene allora se mi verranno bene la pubblicherò molto volentieri sul tuo sito. Grazie di tutto....Debora

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