Red cabbage stews

Thinly sliced red cabbage, cooked slowly with wine and vinegar and flavored with onion, bay leaf and juniper. The red cabbage stews are a valuable side dish of the table in winter. The red cabbage are a perfect side dish for pork and sausages.

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ricetta immagine


800 g red cabbage
1 white onion medium-sized
2 bay leaves
6 juniper berries
half a glass of white wine vinegar
half a glass of white wine
150 ml of water
extra virgin olive oil

These ingredients are able to feed:  6persons


Make the leaves of red cabbage in very thin strips, wash them in cold water, drain and place in a casserole with vinegar, wine, water, bay leaves, sliced onion, juniper and 6 tablespoons oil.
Season with salt and cook over medium heat for 40-45 minutes with a lid until the cabbage leaves are tender. Then uncover the casserole and leave to consume any extra liquid. Serve warm red cabbage stews, great for grilled meat dishes, pork or sausages.

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