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500 g rice
500 g pumpkin
100 g speck (type of Italian smoked ham)
100 g spicy provolone
chilly pepper
100 ml extra virgin olive oil
200 ml white wine
2 L Vegetable Bouillon

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Risotto with pumpkin cream, speck and spicy provolone cheese

The 'risotto' with pumpkin is a typical dish of northern Italy, Different types of pumpkin is crucial to gives different imprinting to the dish. Here, we propose a version enriched with typical products of the land. The sweet pumpkin's flavor joint with the tingle of spicy provolone and smoked aroma of the Speck elates palates.XUSEA7V24UTV

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These ingredients are able to feed: 6persons Risotto with pumpkin cream, speck and spicy provolone cheese


Prepare the cream of pumpkin:

Fry the onion in half oil (save the other half), when the onion will be brown add the pumpkin in small cubes, add the white wine, salt, and cover the pot. Let it cook for 10-15 minutes, if necessary add half glass of water.      
When the pumpkin will be cooked reduce it in cream with a hand-held food mixer.

It is important the choice of the rice. We suggest the Carnaroli or Vialone "nano" that release starch, this contributes to the creaminess of the risotto, saving the "al dente" trait.
In a large pot put the other half of oil, add the rice and make it toast for 2 minutes, add 100 ml of white wine, and add gradually the vegetable bouillon until the rice will be covered. Once the vegetable bouillon will be completely absorbed add the pumpkin cream and cook on live fire carefully  adding little by little the rest of vegetable bouillon that is absorbed by the rice. 
When the rice will be "al dente", switch off the fire, add  a bit of provolone and a bit of butter if you like. In the end add the speck in stripes or in cubes.
You can serve the dish garnishing with stripes of speck, grated provolone and black pepper.

I tell you this recipe

The Italian name of pumpkin is "zucca" would come from the latin "cocutia". This term would have been transformed in "cocuzza" (this term is still used in Italy especially in several dialects) then in "cozucca" and eventually in "zucca".

The pumpkin is one of the those vegetables only grows in Europe after the discovery of America. Actually, it seems  that Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Arabians knew about some type of pumpkin, ma the intensive grow began only after some colons started to import from Mexico the types of great size.
The pumpkin is a vegetable easy to grow. It does not need of huge topdressing, resistant to drought and to the insect attacks.
These are likely the reasons why the Pumpkin's growing is so fruitful even in regions very far from the original one.
In fact, the "zucca" did not have any difficulty to adapt oneself on the Italian soil where its grow is really intensive in particular areas of the country ginvig origin to new types such as "zucca di Mantova", "la Marina di Chioggia", "la Piena di Napoli" and  "la trombetta ligure".

Risotto with pumpkin cream, speck and spicy provolone cheese

the nutritional

The risotto with Pumpkin Speck end provolone is a really well balanced dish with respect to the nutritional composition.
It's a dish quite energetic, the calories will be provided for 50% from carbohydrates, but it is even full of fundamental micro nutrients necessary to our organism. The contained proteins provide 11% of the whole energy and there is a good balance between proteins of animal origin and those coming from vegetables.
Moreover, rice's proteins (about 1/3 of this dish) have a very good biological value with respect to any cereal and have good level of lysine and tryptophan higher than the one from wheat.
Speck and provolone ensures a further enrichment in proteins with high biological value.
The lipid content is maximally due to the olive oil, so the dish is poor of saturated fat and the quantity of cholesterol is very low (about 10% of RDA).
Moreover, this "risotto" is a good source of minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and  vitamins, in particular  the A vitamin,  as a beta-carotene, that is a precursor of retinol and a powerful antioxidant.
Eventually, it is remarkable the quantity of B12, B6, B1, C (because of the pumpkins) and E vitamins, (higher then 15% of the respective RDA's).


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