Semifreddo salty with cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, poppy seeds and millefiori honey

Italian "formaggio al cucchiaio" with sun-dried tomatoes, poppy seeds and millefiori honey on a slice of crusty bread. Ideal as a starter for a special meal.

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ricetta immagine


250 g ricotta cheese
3 g isinglass (1 sheet)
200 g fresh Asiago DOP cheese
200 ml milk
20 g dried tomatoes
5 g cappers
10 g of poppy seeds
black pepper
20 g honey
100 g toast or fried (5 slices)

These ingredients are able to feed:  5persons


Take the Asiago cheese and reduce it to thin slices with a cheese grater. In a saucepan, heat the milk, add the ricotta, salt and pepper, then pour also Asiago cheese, when the whole thing will become a creamy sauce add the isinglass previously soaked in water, stir well over a low heat until it is completely dissolved, careful not to reach boiling point.
Sprinkle with oil, some small moulds, cover the bottom with poppy seeds and pour the mixture to fill the mould. Let it cool at ambient temperature and then put the small molds in the freezer for about an hour.
When the mixture is cold and well solidified reshape it into a serving bowl, place it on a disc of fried bread (or toast if you want to pay attention to calories) and served with honey and dried tomatoes.

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