Soup valpessinese Seuppa to the valpelleunentze

Traditional soup of Valpelline valley where this dish was born and from which it takes its name. It is prepared by alternating layers of black bread to savoy cabbage with beef and the inevitable fontina cheese.

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ricetta immagine


250 g cabbage
150 g fontina
100 g bacon
50 g butter
30 g lard Arnad
1.5 l broth
150 g lean ground beef
calf bone
200 g onions
40 g carrot
40 g celery
100 ml white wine
500 g black bread

These ingredients are able to feed:  7persons


In a large pot put celery, carrot, onion chopped. Add the ground beef (or better yet the meat chopped by hand), lard, butter and bacon and other herbs coarsely chopped. Sauté for a few minutes over high heat. Pour white wine and let evaporate. At this point add the bone of calf and the broth and cook until the meat will be almost flabby. At this point, strain the broth and set aside the cooked meat with the chopped vegetables. Cook the cabbage in the broth, cut into strips and carefully washed, once cooked, drain and keep aside the broth again.
Butter a baking dish, place the bread slices and arrange over the ground meat and the cabbage, cover with a layer of fontina. Place the other slices of bread and start again with the layers until you reach the edge, finish by adding a little broth to the last layer of bread. Cover with fontina cheese and bake for about 5-10 minutes.

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