Strozzapreti with porcini mushrooms and nuts

The strozzapreti are a kind of pasta very popular in Italy, differently-made according to the different Italian regions. Here, we propose the method with the "guitar".

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For the strozzapreti:

500 g wheat flour 00
500 g durum wheat flour
1 egg
a bit of olive oil
400 ml of water

For the sauce:

1 Kg of porcini mushrooms
250 g nuts
200 ml extra virgin olive oil
2 glove of garlic
chili pepper
white wine

These ingredients are able to feed:  12persons


Prepare the strozzapreti:
Build a fountain with the two flours and put in the center the egg, salt, olive oil and the water. Knead the dough until gets smooth and homogeneous. The resulting dough will be rather hard. Leave it staying for half an hour. Take a fistful of the dough and stretch it out in order to get a thickness of about 4 mm, trying to reach an oval shape.
Sprinkle the durum wheat flour on the dough and lay it out on the guitar, then make pressure with the rolling pin cut the dough, you will get many spaghettoni (big spaghetti) with a squared section.
Re-sprinkle again with  durum wheat flour and keep on doing the same procedure with the remaining pasta.

Take the porcini, cut the end of the stem and with a knife scratch out the most of dross-es. Rub the porcini with a wet and clean cloth
and cut the porcini in small cubes.

Brown the garlic and chili pepper in olive oil.
Add the porcini and let them cook for few minutes, add the white wine and after a bit, the parsley and the pieces of minced nut. Cook on a live fire for about 10-15 minutes.

Cook the Strozzapreti in salt water (highly recommended: put the Strozzapreti once the water has already began to boil!!)
Once they are "al dente", strain them, and mix them with the porcini sauce with a bit of water, cook them for 1-2 minutes, add in the end a bit of parsley.
You may garnish the dish with some piece of nut.

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