Sweet Couscous with figs of September

An unusual variation, as a dessert version with figs of September. Couscous reminds the African heat of an ending summer and figs of September announce the autumn.

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ricetta immagine


500 g Couscous
100 g peeled almonds
50 g icing sugar
10 g minced cinnamon

The caramelized figs

12 figs of September
200 g icing sugar
lemon juice
4 spoons of water

These ingredients are able to feed:  12persons


In a terrine (or a simple small pot), let the Couscous absorbe  boiling water (½  liter) for 10 minutes.
Then add the icing sugar  and cinnamon stirring them very well.
Once the mixture gets cooled add the minced almonds
Peel the  figs and cut them in slices. Prepare a caramel:  pour the 4  spoons of water, add the icing sugar with some drop  of lemon juice and let the solution cook mixing until will begin to get colorful.
Once the caramel becomes blond, dunk the figs in the caramel one by one with a fork.
Let them be covers completely by the caramel and lay down then on a grease-proof paper.
Save some of the figs to be cut and mixed to the Couscous. Now fill up the glasses with the Couscous adding on the top the slices of caramelized figs.

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