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500 g tagliolini with liquorice
30 g bottarga (mullet roe)
peel of 4 lemons
100 ml olive oil

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Tagliolini with liquorice with mullet roe and lemon

First dish made with high quality ingredients: liquorice, fish roe and lemon. Sophisticated but very simple at the same time.

recipe given by our chef at .

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These ingredients are able to feed: 5persons Tagliolini with liquorice with mullet roe and lemon


If you start from a previously prepared dough, the recipe for tagliolini with liquorice is very simple. Cook the tagliolini in boiling salted water, be careful because it is a kind of pasta that could overcook very easily.

When it is "al dente", drain and season it with olive oil, bottarga and lemon peel. It is a delicate dish, if you want to feel more decisive the licorice flavor you can add a bit in powder. Serve with additional bottarga and grated lemon peel.

I tell you this recipe

The tagliolini with liquorice you can buy already made, but I've been meaning to try to get them personally.... I will make several attempts starting from the liquorice powder... as soon as I have the recipe I will publish it and share with all of you.

In the meantime I'll tell you the story that led me to prepare these tagliolini with liquorice. My friend Elisa knows how much I like to experiment and try new things in gastronomy, so when she found them in a shop she took them as a present for me.

In this case I held in check my fantasy and I followed almost literally the advice of the manufacturer of pasta, that is, season it with lemon and bottarga, I preferred to use only the peel, it was also recommended the juice, but the idea of eat pasta sour taste I had not convinced.
But the next time I I will do it in a sauce of my own!

Tagliolini with liquorice with mullet roe and lemon

the nutritional

The paste with liquorice is not present in the database tables of food composition which we refer to, but having been made with semolina flour and licorice powder we can assume that the nutritional characteristics are like those of common wheat pasta to which we add the properties of licorice.

572.79 KCal
Total dietary fiber
2.94 g
0.00 g
19.38 g
Total Protein
13.13 g
animal protein
2.13 g
vegetable protein
11.00 g
total lipids
22.00 g
lipids animals
1.54 g
plant lipids
20.45 g
26.40 mg
available carbohydrates
86.06 g
80.38 g
5.53 g

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) is a food controversial and highly debated. Like the coffee, chocolate, tea, liquorice has many curative properties (some based on popular legends, others with true scientific basis), but at the same time the abuse by some individuals can lead to disturbances.
There are many active ingredients of the extract of licorice, but the main one is glycyrrhizin, a triterpenoid glycoside saponinico with a strong sweetening power, about 50 times higher than the saccharose showing several healing properties.

Licorice is currently used for its digestive properties, anti-inflammatory, refreshing, emollient, expectorant and sedative cough.

Licorice is currently used for its digestive properties, anti-inflammatory, refreshing, emollient, expectorant and sedative cough, in addition, the latest research has shown that some of the components present in liquorice extracts have anti-tumor action.

But the licorice, because of the side effects of glycyrrhizin, if consumed in excess may give rise to:
- Hypokalemia (low potassium in the blood) which also leads to muscle fatigue,
- Hypertension (due to water retention),
- Edema (caused by accumulation of sodium ions and water).
So it is not recommended overuse by those who suffer from hypertension.


words to remember

Pastatagliolini, licorice, bottarga, lemon, lemon peel, licorice powder, Glycyrrhiza glabra, glycyrrhizin

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