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For the white dough:
250 g flour 00
75 ml white wine
75 ml extra virgin olive oil
5 g salt

For the black dough:
240 g flour 00
15 g soluble barley
75 ml white wine
75 ml extra virgin olive oil
5 g salt

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Tangle of taralli

The encounter and embrace the pasta of taralli with the intense flavor and fragrant aroma of the barley generates a vortex of aromas. Directly from Puglia wonderful sunny region of Italy

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These ingredients are able to feed: 60persons Tangle of taralli


In two separate bowls prepare two doughs following the recipe of taralli of Puglia. When they are smooth and homogeneous let them rest for at least half an hour in the fridge. After the recovery time, cut the dough shaped dumplings of about 6-8 g, further cut in the shape of sticks about 8 cm. Wrap two chopsticks (black and white) spiral around each other and close the donut fixing the ends.
Dip these donuts in boiling water and cook until they rise to the surface, then pull them out and lay them on a clean cloth to dry them (they will remain there for a few hours). Then arrange on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and cook in a preheated oven at 200° C for about 30 minutes.

I tell you this recipe

The taralli are a typical product of Puglia (and other regions of southern Italy), we propose here a version in which the classic white dough for taralli meets and embraces a batter flavored and colored with soluble barley, the result is a vortex of aromas .
Eat them as an aperitif accompanied by a glass of good wine, preferably in Italian in front of a summer sunset over the sea ........

Tangle of taralli

the nutritional

Each donut:
Energy: 52,89 kcal
Total Dietary Fiber: 0.26 g
Drinking: 0.25 g
Water: 3.42 g
Total Protein: 0.92 g
Animal protein: 0.00 g
Vegetable protein: 0.92 g
Total lipids: 2.56 g
Lipids animals: 0.00 g
Plant lipids: 2.56 g
Cholesterol: 0.00 mg
Available carbohydrates: 6.51 g
Starch: 6.36 g
Sugars: 0.15 g


words to remember

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