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120 g of cooked grain (in this recipe we used the precooked generally used for the “pastiera” cake)
400 g of cottage cheese (if you like a less intense flavor, you can use the cow ricotta)
4 tablespoons of sugar
100 g grated dark chocolate
candied orange peel (if you do not like it you can replace it with pistachios, unsalted, coarsely chopped)

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The Cuccia (A typical Sicilian sweet)

Cuccia is a typical dessert from Palermo, prepared for the day of Saint Lucia, 13 December, in which the cooked wheat is mixed with various creams, in our case a fresh ricotta enhanced by the sweetness of the orange peel and the harshness of the plain chocolate

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These ingredients are able to feed: 3persons The Cuccia (A typical Sicilian sweet)


To prepare the Cuccia you first need to whip the "ricotta" (cottage cheese) in a bowl with sugar, use the mixer. You will be working the mixture until will be very light and creamy.
At this point, sift through the ricotta to make it smooth and velvety. Then mix the candied orange peel, cut into cubes (the amount varies depending on personal taste) or if you do not want to use the candied pistachios previously put the chopped coarsely.
Stir the mixture well. Now add the corn (previously washed by fluid retention in the carton) and mix once more very well. The mixture is now ready to be inserted in glasses composed of alternating layers with layers of grated dark chocolate. Decorate as desired.
Before serving let stand the preparation at least two hours in the refrigerator.

I tell you this recipe

The Cuccia is a typical Sicilian sweet and belongs to the traditional dishes of Palermo, and it is usually prepared for the day of Saint Lucia (December 13).
There are many variations, depending on the family tradition, but all are united by the presence of the cooked wheat .
The wheat  that is always present in the Cuccia evokes the tradition relates that at one of the many famines that have struck over the centuries the city of Palermo, through the intercession of Saint Lucia, the people of Palermo saw appear a ship, which arrived in the port city , full of wheat that fed the whole city.

The Cuccia (A typical Sicilian sweet)

the nutritional

Ricotta is a good dairy product obtained by coagulation of whey proteins in milk. These proteins are similar to those contained in the egg, are equipped with all the essential amino acids and well proportioned to each other.
It is very useful to insert the ricotta in the diet, which although containing a certain percentage of fat (about 11 g per 100 g of product), provides a modest amount of calories (about 150 kcal per 100 g of cheese).


words to remember

wheat, boiled wheat, cottage cheese, candied oranges, pistachios

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