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600 g flour
250 g sugar
50 ml extra virgin olive oil
3 eggs
150 ml water
grated rind of one lemon
100 g of sourdough refreshed 3 times (in Sezze people call it criscolo)
10 g yeast
if you do not have the sourdough you can increase the amount of yeast at 20-25 g or let the dough rise longer

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Tortoli of Sezze

Sweet loaves of leavened dough of Sezze, typically in Easter. They are not particularly sweet, in fact there are those who eat them like bread with deli meats.

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These ingredients are able to feed: 16persons Tortoli of Sezze


Place the flour in a large bowl as a fontain, put in the middle sugar, sourdough, oil, eggs and lemon zest, begin to mix the ingredients inside the fountain. As you stir add a glass of warm water in which you have melted beer yeast. Add the remaining water and mix. We need to work until the dough is evenly blended, smooth and very elastic. Initially it will be sticky, but as you are working it becomes compact.
Alternatively, you can use a planetary mixer, you work the dough until it will be strung properly.
Once you've got the dough, transfer it on a pastry board and continue to knead for another 10 minutes or so lightly floured the working surface. Put the dough in the bowl and let rise. The rising time is variable and may depend on the ambient temperature, the strength of your sourdough and the amount of yeast used.
When the dough is sufficiently raised, it must be at least doubled, transfer it on a pastry board with the touch of your hands roll it out, help you with the fingertips but do not stretch the dough, this will avoid excessive deflation. Then proceed with the technique of the folds, that folded the dough in a handkerchief "3" as shown in the image. Repeat the process again, make the dough rest for about 20 minutes and repeat 2 more times  the folding "3" procedure.

From this mixture, you get four tortoli, divide the dough into four pieces and proceed with the "pirlatura", this is an operation which, together with the technique of the folds, gives strength to the mixture and avoids the risk of collapse of the loaf during leavening. The pirlatura consists of obtaining from the portion taken a ball of dough smooth and firm. Round up the dough with both hands and turning while exerting a slight pressure, while the hands rotate the dough they get together under the ball in a circular motion and the dough should rub on the plan of working.

Once you have made the loaves, sprinkle with flour, place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and let them rise until doubled in volume. Then bake in a preheated oven at 180 °C for about 30 minutes.
The recipe of tortoli is very similar to those of Pagnottelle 'the Saluatore, but are distinguished mainly by the procedure. For tortoli we use the same procedure used for the preparation of the bread that once was kneaded by hand in the so-called "arconi" and after the rise and the subsequent formation of these loaves were placed on "spasa" to be transported to the oven.

I tell you this recipe

The loaves of Sezze, tortoli, are typical of the Easter period in Italy. The recipe is very similar to that of “pagnottelle gli Saluatore". They differ mainly in the procedure. Indeed the tortoli are prepared as if they were bread, they follow a double rising and are of slightly larger size.
The tortoli are not very sweet, in fact there are those who consume them like bread with cured meats.

Tortoli of Sezze

the nutritional

For each portion:
Energy: 256,29 Kcal
Energy from proteins: 10%
Energy from fats: 15%
Energy from carbohydrates: 75%
Dietary total fibre: 1,16 g
Alcohol: 0,00 g
Total proteins: 6,26 g
Animal proteins: 1,26 g
Vegetable proteins: 4,93 g
Total fats: 4,32 g
Animal fats: 0,88 g
Vegetable fats: 3,44 g
Cholesterol: 37,56 mg
Available carbohydrates: 51,27 g
Starch: 34,18 g
Soluble carbohydrates: 17,10 g


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