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1 Kg broccoletti (turnip tops) of Sezze
70 ml extra virgin olive oil
1 clove of garlic
chili pepper
3 slices of bread of Sezze

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These ingredients are able to feed: 6persons Turnip tops of Sezze


The most important feature of this recipe, besides the use of the specific broccoletti of Sezze, is the method of cooking. In fact, firing "at sezzese" provides that these are put directly in the pan without boiling. This allows you to keep intact the authentic flavor and preserve the hint of bitterness that characterizes these broccoletti.

In a large pan, fry the garlic with a bit of chili, when the garlic is lightly browned, pour a little water and then immediately put the broccoli cleaned and washed still dripping with water, then cook over medium heat without a lid, after a while remove the cooking water and add more oil. Not all follow this procedure some leave the cooking water that fortifies the characteristic bitter taste, for example, I do so, but it depends on whether you like or not this hint of bitterness. When the broccoli are almost cooked, cover with slices of bread of Sezze and let finish cooking as well. In this way the bread will absorb part of the cooking liquids soaking of all the taste of broccoletti.
Serve the broccoletti along with bread itself, perhaps with a homemade sausage.

I tell you this recipe

In Sezze one of the most valuable vegetables are broccoletti, or as they say in Sezze, the “brucculecchi”. Due to their unique authenticity they are synonymous with pure setinità, also known as simi (for the large amount of seeds they produce), represent a clear and unequivocal typical agro-food of the Lepine Mountains, a true symbol of territorial exclusivity.
From the organoleptic point of view the broccoletti of Sezze are very different from the common ones. They are characterized by a strong bitter taste and pungent, cooking stewed, preserves almost entirely.

They are very much appreciated by the local population, but have never had a real commercial expansion probably just because of their characteristic flavor. So if you want to enjoy the goodness of this dish you need to go to these places during the winter when the broccoletti are produced.
In the past Sezze broccoletti were also called steak of grass or steak of poors, not because they could be the real meat substitutes or other protein foods, but simply because especially in the setine countryside of the Pontine plain and the valley of Suso there was abundance of these vegetables during the winter, and because you ate what was there, the broccoletti along with bread represented an important source of nutrition.

Turnip tops of Sezze

the nutritional

For each serving:
Energy: 234.43 Kcal
Energy from protein: 13%
Energy from fat: 47%
Energy from carbohydrates: 40%

Total Dietary Fiber: 5.80 g
Alcohol: 0.00 g
Total Protein: 7.56 g
Animal protein: 0.00 g
Vegetable protein: 7.56 g
Total lipids: 12.23 g
Animal lipids: 0,00 g
Plant lipids: 12.23 g
Cholesterol: 0.00 mg
Available carbohydrates: 25.00 g
Starch: 21.39 g
Sugars: 3.62 g


words to remember

Broccoli, broccoletti sezzesi, broccoletti simi, brucculecchi, Sezze, agri-food product, Lepinis

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