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600-700 g of cooked spinach, well drained
300 g ricotta
2 eggs
enough flour
For the dressing
Butter or olive oil
grated pecorino cheese

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Tuscan dumplings with spinach and ricotta (the gnudi)

The magic, the beauty, the history of Tuscany can be found in these wonderful, simple, tasty gnocchetti with spinach and ricotta cheese, the gnudi. A dish created in the countryside. Depriving the ravioli from the too expensive sheet of pasta, it has been recovered its filling made of poor food but exceptionally rich in taste and healthiness. The gnudi are tasty and easy to prepare. A first course which will be also eaten by the children.

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These ingredients are able to feed: 4persons Tuscan dumplings with spinach and ricotta (the gnudi)


Gnocchi (dumplings) with spinach and ricotta, or the gnudi or malfatti, are a dish of traditional regional Italian cuisine, especially in Tuscany. To prepare, start with cleaning by washing the spinach very well. Once you have washed them, cook them in the pan without adding water and covering with a lid and simmer over moderate heat in the water that slowly release themselves.
When they are cooked, drain them, cool them and squeeze them vigorously so as to bring out all the water. At this point, cut them into small pieces with a knife and pour into a large bowl where you will add the ricotta (also previously drained of its water) and mix everything very well, add salt and the two previously beaten eggs and mix well . At this point, begin incorporating the flour little by little, starting with 40-50 g but you may well need a bit more, will depend on how much water you will be able to eliminate from the spinach and ricotta.
Add flour until the mixture starts to be consistent. At this point, with floured hands, make little balls with the size of a walnut (with the help of the two palms of the hands). Arrange the balls on a platter and sprinkle with flour.
they should be cooked in salted water in a large pot, dipping them one at a time as they are quite delicate, after about 5 minutes they will be ready and collected with a slotted spoon. The dressing is simple, a bit of melted butter (or olive oil) and grated pecorino cheese. Alternatively, they are also excellent served with a tomato and basil sauce enriched with a generous handful of pecorino.

I tell you this recipe

The spinach gnocchetti with ricotta are a very popular dish in Tuscany, although there are some variations in other Italian regions in which they are used in other vegetables. The gnocchetti are called "gnudi" in Florence, where the pungent and witty humor Florentine emphasizes the "nakedness" of these gnocchetti that were once tortelli but then they lost their dress of pastry. In Siena they are known as "malfatti" as being handmade you can not find two alike in shape and size.

Tuscan dumplings with spinach and ricotta (the gnudi)

the nutritional

A portion of gnocchetti with spinach and ricotta, the gnudi, provides about 270 kcal. It 'a good source of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc as well as vitamin B1, B2, B6, vitamin C, B12, retinol and vitamin E. The energy that brings is for about 30% from proteins, 37% from fat and 32% from carbohydrates.


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