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4 egg yolks
500 ml of milk
3 tablespoons frumina
8 tablespoons of sugar
500 ml of fresh cream
80 g of white nougat of Piedmont

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White Christmas (with diplomatic cream and Piedmontese white nougat )

White Christmas ... a fine and silky cream together the unmistakable aroma of nougat, almonds and its crunchiness.

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These ingredients are able to feed: 5-6persons White Christmas (with diplomatic cream and Piedmontese white nougat )


I tell you an Italian recipe proposes this dessert for Christmas goodies that comes from of the chef! To prepare the White Christmas you have to first make the cream diplomatica. In a saucepan, put the egg yolks and sugar. Whip the egg yolks until the mixture is light and fluffy.
Add frumina and mix. Add the milk, stir well the mixture until it appears melted and without lumps. Put on fire and cook over moderate heat until it, it starts to harden. Allow to cool the cream and whip cream meanwhile. When the cream is cold and add it to the cream with a rubber spatula to mix them with cuts from the bottom up to avoid removing the cream (cream made diplomatic here).
In a food processor chop the nougat. In the cup which you want to serve the White Christmas put on the bottom a little bit of chopped nougat, then pour over the cream diplomatic and let it rest in the refrigerator an hour or so at the time to serve the cream to put on another layer of chopped nougat ... The White Christmas is ready to serve and enjoy!

I tell you this recipe

The nougat is an old sweet. Already at the time Roman times it was prepared and eaten as demonstrated by some verses written by Titus Livius. The Latin poet Marcus Valerius Marziale handed down to us that the cupedia, as it was called by the Romans nougat, it was a gastronomic delight of Sannio. Some scholars attribute the origin of nougat to the Arabs instead.
The name "torrone" derives from the Latin torreo nougat which is the Latin verb to say toast, which was referred to the roasting almonds and hazelnuts, but in De medicinis et Cibis semplicibus, a treatise written by an eleventh-century Arab physician, you refers to a similar sweet to the nougat and called 'turun' ... so maybe the Arabs were in earlier times to export the torrone in Italy and then in Spain.

White Christmas (with diplomatic cream and Piedmontese white nougat )

the nutritional

Each serving of white Christmas, with torrone and cream diplomatic of Piedmont, provides about 450 calories. The energy is distributed as follows: 7% protein, 55% fat, 38% from carbohydrates. It 'a good source of calcium, phosphorus and vitamins B2, B12 and E.


words to remember

Diplomatic cream, cream, white nougat, torrone Piedmont Piedmontese white torrone, almonds, White Christmas, Christmas.

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