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1 kg flour
800 ml water
25 g yeast
250 g raisins and / or 200 g pine nuts
200g caster sugar

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Zippole of the New Year s Eve

In Sezze “zippole” are prepared on the evening of New Year's Eve, they are simple bread dough with raisins and pine nuts, fried and sprinkled with sugar or honey. In the past, the poorest families could not afford to buy or prepare more elaborate desserts, so the children were rewarded with these sweet balls.

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These ingredients are able to feed: 20persons Zippole of the New Year s Eve


In a large bowl place flour, put on the one hand the salt and create a crater in the center, then pour a bit of warm water in which has been dissolved yeast. As you pour the water mix with a fork and stir in the flour. Then pour the remaining water and mix vigorously all, when it will be obtained mixture is smooth add the raisins and / or pine nuts and stir again so that you distribute evenly.

Cover with plastic wrap or with holes with a clean cloth and let rise for about 2 h or, however, until the dough has at least doubled in volume. Once done, you can proceed with the preparation of zippole. With a spoon dipped in water make balls of irregular shape and with the help of fingers, also wet, dip them in hot oil and fry them until golden brown evenly. Then drain them and place them on layers of paper towels to remove excess oil. Finally, when they are still warm, roll in granulated sugar and place them in a serving dish. Alternatively, the zippole can be sprinkled with honey.

I tell you this recipe

In Sezze, once it was customary for children the evening of December 31 knocking into people's homes through the streets of the villages and reciting the rhyme of "The stone New Year's Eve" demanding sweets in exchange for a stone that gathered on the street, very often were given them the zippole. Over the years, this tradition has been lost, but the zippole remain a sweet prepared during the holiday season.

Zippole of the New Year s Eve

the nutritional

For each portion:

Energy: 503,88 Kcal
Energy from proteins: 12%
Energy from fats: 21%
Energy from carbohydrates: 67%
Dietary total fibre: 15,63 g
Alcohol: 0,00 g
Total proteins: 15,70 g
Animal proteins: 0,00 g
Vegetable proteins: 15,70 g
Total fats: 11,55 g
Animal fats: 0,00 g
Vegetable fats: 11,55 g
Cholesterol: 0,00 mg
Available carbohydrates: 89,80 g
Starch: 82,23 g
Soluble carbohydrates: 7,57 g


words to remember

Zippole, New Year's Eve, raisins, pine nuts

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